The complete itinerary packed fully of adventure!

  • 9am – Meet your Guide beside Belfast City Hall. They can be easily spotted by the Stark flag they will be holding. Otherwise look for the coach that will say ‘Coach Connections Ireland’ on the side. Just ask the friendly (Bearded) driver to confirm you are on the right bus. After a short intro from your Tour Guide leave for the first location.

  • 10am –Explore the Ancient ruins of Inch Abbey a monastery dating back to 800ad and the location Robb Stark was crowned “The King in the North!”.

  • 11am – Tollymore Forest better known to you as the Norths Haunted Forest and Winterfells Wolfwood. Trek into one of Irelands oldest forests to stand where white walkers once stood and where Direwolf pups were found.

  • 2pm – After the morning trek relax and enjoy some quality local Irish food and drink in a restaurant with WIFI.

  • 2.45pm – Remember the Direwolves in season 1! Well now you will meet Odin and Thor the dog actors that played the role of Direwolves, and hear a tale from one of their owners local Irish Artist William Mulhall who featured as a Dothraki Slave Master.

  • 3.30pm – Complete your day as a Stark by visiting the set location where Winterfell was filmed in Season 1. Known locally as Castle Ward estate the area is home to around 11 different shot locations. We visit the most memorable…Ever hear of the red wedding?

  • 5pm – Well Done you survived a day in Game of Thrones® now go tell all your friends! Back to Belfast in time to enjoy some famous Belfast hospitality


At GoT Direwolves, we have a unique collection of tour guides at your service to ensure you have the best Game of Thrones® experience possible! All of our guides have held roles as extras on the show, fighting for all your favorite, or most hated houses (we won’t name any Boltons). We live, sleep and breathe Game of Thrones®, and our team are super close! Did we mention we’ve got three brothers and their infamous pet direwolves, Odin and Thor?!


Thor with his two different coloured eyes in a quiet dog. He loves to play and chase when he gets to the beach or forest. He is very chilled until he is let of the lead and then he becomes a race horse and just loves to have his paw held. Thor stands around “5,1 on his back legs hes very big. Hes a good boy!

Fun Fact: Thor has been photographed by World famous Vet Chris Brown from Australia (Bondi Vet) because of this unique eyes! He flew all the way to visit Odin and Thor!


The long haired brother of Thor is the most vocal. Odin likes to Woo Woo for treats and sometimes attention. He enjoys Bones as a treat mostly and enjoys getting cleaned at the groomers. He is always smiling and always happy to do what he is asked. He’s a good boy!

Fun Fact: Odin once was the face of St.Patricks day in Ireland as he modelled to look like a scary wolf!


Will featured mostly as a Wildling in season 6 Battle of Bastards, Season 7 Ice Lake & Season 8 of Game of Thrones® and worked in Marine stunts for the TV Show Vikings filmed near Dublin. Worked as an International Professional Lifeguard in New Zealand.

Random fact: Will spent three months hitchhiking around New Zealand where he’s visited all the Lord of the Rings filming Locations and even climbed Mount Doom!


Molly started her work as a Game of Thrones® extra in S7 as a noble lady initially then later on was an extra as a Wildling wight for the ice lake she pulled the Dragon from the Lake…..spoiler? and has spent some time working for other Game of Thrones® Seasons.

random fact- At the same time when I moved over here from America, GOT production started in Northern Ireland!


Remi Being a super fan of the show early on had his dream come true when he was called
for his first season of Game of Thrones. He’s a big fan of the books and lore of Westeros …ask him anything about
Game of Thrones.
Random fact: Has a degree in Animal Behavior and can quote almost anything from Lord of
the Rings or Game of Thrones.


My time on Game of Thrones began back in Season 5 when I was enlisted into the of the army of Stannis Baratheon.  The following year in Season 6, I was back to help reclaim Winterfell in the ‘Battle of The Bastards’, also known now as the biggest battle in TV history! I played a Masked Wight for another epic battle at the ‘Frozen Lake’, this time for the punultimate episode of Season 7. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next!  
Random Facts: Andrew is a talented Artist and can voice impressions of Cast very well!
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