Welcome to the Direwolves Pack!

At GoT Direwolves, we have a unique collection of tour guides at your service to ensure you have the best Game of Thrones® experience possible! All of our guides have held roles as extras on the show, fighting for all your favorite, or most hated houses (we won’t name any Boltons). We live, sleep and breathe Game of Thrones®, and our team are super close! Did we mention we’ve got three brothers and their infamous pet direwolves, Odin and Thor?!

Reviews from GoT Fans:

  •   Thanks goes to GoT Direwolves for a wonderful visit. It was an absolute delight to meet Will and Will snr and, of course, Thor and Odin, the beautiful Direwolves whom played Grey Wind and Summer. The GoT stories they both told were enthralling and highly...More

    thumb Ghislaine D

      The best GOT tour. Had the best day enjoying the beautiful locations used by GOT. The host William had some great stories and experience from working on screen and made the day enjoyable. Meeting the dire wolves which are his dogs that starred in the...More

    thumb Glenda D

      Molly was absolutely fantastic. Would highly recommend to any. If you are a massive fan of the show (especially the doggos) this is the one for you. Lucky enough to have the weather on out side. Be warned there is a lot of walking so...More

    thumb Amy H
  •   Will was a very fun tour guide, he was so enthusiastic about the show and we could ask him anything about stuff behind the scenes. We saw a lot of the locations and beautiful nature. Thor and Odin were very soft and cute! Thanks so...More

    thumb Laura B

      Great tour, amazing locations, your guide knows his stuff and delicious food for lunch. It is great for game of thrones fans, but even without knowing the show it's really enjoyable.

    thumb David S

      I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan and this tour exceeded my expectations. I was on vacation in London and flew to Belfast last weekend just to do a tour and was so happy this this one had a little more than just GoT....More

    thumb JayLim06

Come join us for a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones adventure that will make all of your friends jealous!